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Production & Filling Equipment

Luer Lock Measuring/Filling Syringe


Luer lock measuring/filling syringe features a latex free stopper which eliminates the risk of allergic reactions...

Production & Filling Equipment

15G Blunt-Tip Needle (Luer Lock)


15G blunt-tip needle with luer lock fitting. Ideal needle thickness for filling. Type: Standard Blunt Needle Gauge: 15G...

Production & Filling Equipment

Heat-safe Borosilicate Glass Measuring Beaker


Thermal resistant Borosilicate glass beaker, suitable for measuring and storing liquids within a laboratory, household or...

Production & Filling Equipment

Disposable 1ml Measuring Pipette


Ideal for transferring and dispensing liquids safely in all types of laboratories Made from low density...

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Production & Filling Equipment

Digital Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrer


The magnetic stirrer heating mantle has two functions of a heating and magnetic stirring, featuring a...

Production & Filling Equipment

Immersion Glass Thermometer +110 °C max


Glass thermometers are economical, accurate, and simple to use instruments that measure the temperature of many...

Production & Filling Equipment

Semi Automatic Filling Machine


  Semi Automatic Filling Machine For Oil Capacity: 300ml Filling Range: 0.2ml to 2ml Filling Accuracy:...