MIXR Resin Liquidizer - Strawberry Cough

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MIXR Resin Liquidizer - Strawberry Cough

Manufactured using only the highest quality, medical-grade ingredients with no additives, nicotine or vegetable glycerine to compromise the performance of our concentrate liquidiser product. Our proprietary formulation brings you terpene based products with unmatched taste and flow.

Our premium concentrate liquidiser product turns cannabis concentrate into vape juice (e-liquid), turn shatter into vape oil, and THC concentrates into vape liquid. MIXR Resin Liquidizer makes it easy for you to start vaping THC concentrates with any standard vape pen.

Flavour Profile (Strawberry Cough)

Our strawberry concentrate liquidiser blend contains sweet, sugary and fruity notes, bringing any concentrate to life. This blend is suitable for concentrates where you want to add an additional layer of flavouring.

Turn Wax & Resin into Vape Juice

Follow our simple 3 step mixing instructions to turn your concentrates into even, consistent and stable vape liquid within 30 seconds.

  •     Inspired by California Flavours
  •     Manufactured in the UK
  •     Medical-grade Ingredients
  •     Zero Additives/THC/CBD/Nicotine

Now available in 50ml, 100ml and 1L.

All of the wax or resin liquidizer products we supply do not contain any THC or cannabis. Any product labelled for THC or cannabis use should be used only as a collectable item, where THC or cannabis is illegal. We do not condone or encourage the sale of any illegal substances. Please always refer and adhere to your local laws.